Ball bearings and their popularity

One of the most popular forms of bearings are ball bearings. Their popularity stems from the universal use in virtually every industry and manufacturing. The ball bearing is designed in such a way as to permit free rotation of the part placed in it – will often be a shaft or spindle. Between the two rings constituting the bearing is small, rugged metal beads. So it is built deep groove ball bearing. Its main feature is the steel balls and the inner and outer ring. The actual construction of such bearings is very simple. To understand the benefits of ball bearings, let’s take a look at the obvious advantages. The simplicity with which the bearing is designed, and the symmetrical design allows for high transmission of axial and radial forces. Some bearings may be open or closed, also distinguish those that are designed with maximum noise reduction. Such bearings are, for example, washing machines or power tools and electric machines.

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Ball bearings