Health and safety at work


Safety at work is an extremely important issue in any company, but especially in companies where you have to deal with various heavy machinery, which can be treated badly for a man really dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriate protection of workers, preferably through appropriate equipment or clothes, because in this way it is done well.

This is what will protect health and safety depends on the type of job. The choice is, however, a lot of possibilities, and a lot of clothes that protect you will find in our offer.

We invite you to familiarize with the offer of our shop – we have a lot of different materials Health and safety. What you can expect to find it? We have protective clothing and various accessories. With us you buy everything you need to protect your hearing cancer, eye and whole body, protective footwear or something to protect your head. For this we also have accessories for respiratory protection if the necessary work at heights or measuring equipment control.

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