Inverters LENZE, Inverters LG / LS, Inverters INVT

Inverters are used, among other things, to control the speed of the electric motor. With the inverter can easily adjust the speed of the motor by means of a potentiometer or keys. In addition to speed control inverters enable the implementation of additional features. Normally you can set the starting ramp and braking. This means that the electric motor can smoothly within the set time to spin up or brake. This allows you to drive a high inertia of objects without the need for switching the motor star-delta. The inverters have a number of safeguards. Among other things, we have protection against short circuit, overload, overheating, stall the engine. Inverters have inputs and outputs that can be easily configured to enable the implementation of additional control functions such as inverter speed control using voltage or current source, switching the direction of rotation of the motor, stop or start the engine, crane work, turning the set speed of the electric motor and many others. Inverters often allow communication via different communication protocols. Is standard ModBus but just as often you can meet and other protocols such as CANopen, DeviceNet, LONWorks, rnet TCP.


Inverters LENZE

falownik lenze smdinverters-Lenze-smvFalowniki LENZE available in our shop have a programmable memory module EPM. It allows the programmer to program the external special cubes and later install them in the inverter. This module also allows fast transfer presets between inverters reducing the maximum time required to run the inverter. Inverters are also available with degree of protection IP68, which can be used outside. They do not need additional boxes in which they are fitted. The case provides protection against the ingress of water and dirt. These inverters are a series of ESV / Lenze SMV. Advanced inverters 8200 and 8400 enable the realization of functions such as motor control with very varying loads, with a difficult start, collaboration engines.

Lenze smd inverter inverter inverter 8400 -8200 baseline-vector


Inverters LG / LS


IP5-falownikW store can also find cheap but reliable inverters by LG / LS is a very popular series inverters iC5 and iG5. These inverters are perfect for fan applications, conveyors and pumps. They are characterized by low price and trouble-free operation. They have clear displays where you can see the engine speed, supply voltage, the volt DC bus. There are also advanced inverters IS7 series IP5 and enables precise control of engine speed with vector control and scalar using a sensor or not.

IS7-IG5-inverter inverter inverter IE5-IC5-inverter

Inverters INVT

falownik-invt gd100
INVT inverters, inverters are inexpensive scalar or vector. Have a good ratio of price / performance. They are equipped with programmable input and output, enable the overload up to 200% of rated current. The inverters have a number of security and tuning features allowing a very quick way to tune the inverter to the motor. An interesting solution is the ability to detach the control panel and elevate it to 30m from the inverter.

In addition to the inverters are available braking resistors and filters.